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Lizzy Hawker , the famous british  ultrarunner, and the best and most complete long distance runner and five times winner of the Ultratrail du Montblanc, and winner in the Spartathlon last edition has been nominated for the National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2012.
The icon runner of The North Face brand is finishing  2012 with flying colours, after receiving the news about being selected to win the prize organised by the world`s most famous organization devoted to exporation, National Geographic. This year N.G. has included a ultratrail runner as Lizzy Hawker in the nominated individuals.
The group of candidates comprises a cluster of climbers, kayakers or base jumpers, and this year N.G has selected adventurers that they are adventure innovators.

The adventurer with the most votes on january 16  will be the Adventurer of the Year. It will be announced by february 2013.

                                           YOU CAN VOTE HERE

I was first suscribed to N.G. when I was  twelve, magazines came to me directly from Washington DC, there was no spanish version yet.

 An american friend of my parents lectured on english language, and in 1984  she had to go home, Cleveland (Ohio), and thanks to her ,I started to discover not only the english language but also a new world of discoveries, explorers, and journeys around the world, discovering new animal species, new lost worlds, maps of everywhere and new challenges of the humankind.
Today, in 2012 , when I am nearly forty,  I appreciate so much  that present almost thirty years ago, because it supposed to me opening my eyes to a new world, and I keep my own adventurer spirit in my life and I try to give this special heritage to my daughter.

Thanks a lot, Anna.

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