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Ultra Races Results November 23rd-25th 2012

We have just received updated results of international ultra races  of last weekened, others are pending to be published on the internet. 

Waiting for Manaslu Trail Race and  Racing The Planet , Last Desert Antarctica where the spanish runner Vicente Garcia Beneito could become the first runner to win the 4 Deserts and all the stages of every race.

-23rd November :12th Edition 100 km Pharaonic Race: 

          Males:       1º Mohamed S. Abozaid     EGY    8:40
                           2º Mahamoud Dehis          EGY    8:47
                            3º Lang Brian                   CAN    10:50

                                Females:     1º Gil Susahanna                UK   10:40
                                                  2º Jena-Das Madhusmita     IND  11:02


Transtica 2012 Costa Rica ultratrail is running now. Participants accomplished the 3rd stage yesterday.

                           Stage Results HERE

We are waiting for results of Winter 100,  the 2012 last scheduled event  of Centurion Running.

 A 100 miles cross shape  route next to the Thames river. Planned with series of 4 separate 12.5 mile out and back sections using both the Thames Path and Ridgeway trails which converge at Streatley

                                 Unofficial Live Times

                                 1º Richie Cunninghan...........17:14 
                                 2º Nick Weston...................18:01  
                                 3º Martin Bacon..................19:04

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