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5th European Skyrunning Championships 2013

No doubt about 2013 it is a year intended again to celebrate European Skyrunning Championships. Dolomites mountains located in the Veneto region (Italy) will host the event.

For the ultrarunners community the best news is that an ultratrail  has been included for the first time  this year, being part of European Skygames. Trans d`Havet, a 80km and 5.500m of height gain race surrounds Dolomiti Peak and traverses 6km of World War I tunnels. 

Fisrt edition was hold last summer and the winner, Danielle Palladino crossed the finish line in 10h58min and Francesca Canepa (winner of UT Lavaredo 2012) took 11h44min. The new ultra challenge will become one of the main attractive events next year in Dolomites and in Europe  by sure.

Vertical Kilometer
July 19 Dolomites Vertical Kilometer Canazei, Trento

July 21  Dolomites Skyrace, Canazei, Trento


July 27 Trans D`Havet, 80k, Piovene R. Piccole Dolomiti, Vicenza  

Amazing paths encircling Dolomites mountains


Source: ISF web

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